Lil Pump On J. Cole Beef ‘We On Good Terms’

Lil Pump On J. Cole Beef ‘We On Good Terms’

Lil Pump On J. Cole Beef ‘We On Good Terms’

Is Lil Pump and J. Cole’s beef over?

Lil pump and the previous issues back and forth, the “Gucci Gang” rapper seemed to hint that they’ve resolved every issues during an interview at the Billboard Music Awards.

“Shout out to J. Cole. We’re going through some shit,” Pump told Billboard on the red carpet before adding, “We good, we good, we on good terms.”

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This comes after J. Cole extended an olive branch at the Rolling Loud festival earlier this month. When he performed “1985 (Intro to ‘The Fall Off’),” the crowd chanted “F**k Lil Pump,” but Cole stopped them from doing so.

“Nah, don’t do that,” he said.

On “1985,” Cole calls out mumble rappers, which some took as a shot at Pump. “All these ni**as poppin’ now is young,” raps Cole on the closing track off KOD. “Everybody say the music that they make is dumb / I remember, I was 18 / Money, pussy, parties, I was on the same thing.”

He also raps about someone’s “funky lil’ rap name” and ends it with a message: “Just remember what I told you when your shit flop / In five years you gon’ be on ‘Love & Hip Hop.’”

Once the song was released, Pump seemingly took it as a diss and responded, tweeting, “So much props. You dissed a 17-year-old. Lame ass jit.”

But while it may seem that they’ve put the past behind them, Pump remained coy. “I don’t know what’s really

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