Lil Peep 4 Gold Chains mp3

Lil Peep 4 Gold Chains mp3 download

Fans have been waiting to hear the full song and tonight Lil Peep’s estate released the song, complete with it visual. Check it out “4 GOLD CHAINS”

Lil Peep lives on. It was an assurance offered by family members and collaborators following his untimely death in November of last year. We previously received official releases in the form of the video of “Save That Sh-t,” and his “Spotlight” collaboration with Marshmello.

Lil Peep’s Posthumous “4 Gold Chains” Track Is Here

Now, we get the latest offering to come of Lil Peep’s posthumous catalog with the hazy “4 Gold Chains.” The new cut was first announced when Peep revealed in a tweet sent out the same day of his death that he had been working with Clams, and honestly speaking, it’s a hard listen at first as Peep unleashes song about balancing women and drugs to “numb the pain.” Fittingly, the track, arriving in conjunction Mother’s Day, also features a few lines addressed to his own mom, and his desire to provide for her by any means.

Download Lil Peep 4 Gold Chains mp3


Download:Lil Peep 4 Gold Chains mp3

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