John Legend Will Be One Of The New Voices Added To Google Assistant

John Legend His Voices To Added Into Google Assistant

John Legend His Voices To Added Into Google Assistant

John Legend‘s dulcet tones through your earbuds off your Spotify isn’t enough to rich your thirst for John Legend, here’s some good news for you. According to The Verge, John Legend’s voice will be one of six new voice options added to Google Assistant in a new update.

Google  announced at it’s I/O conference today,narrating that using a technology called “WaveNet,” they’ve crafted Legend’s voice to not only respond to standard questions, but virtually any query.

This means that you’ll virtually be able to have an actual conversation with a virtual John Legend, if you so choose. Reports say Google is also expanding the features that Assistant is capable of, allowing Legend to live in over 5000 different devices, from your cell phone, to your dishwasher, to your doorbell.

Not enough? Virtual John Legend will make appointments on your behalf at the doctor, hairdresser and many more. Why suffer through one of the most painful cell phone experiences when you can just let Grammy Award-winning Singer/Songwriter John Legend do your minute tasks for you? He’ll even be able to order you a pizza!


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